My name is Kinga. I'm 17 years old girl living in Poland.

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I'm always here for you so if you want something just tell me. I'll try to help even if my English isn't as good as it should be. :p

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Maybe in the future I'll create my own Fandom family or Birthday Page. Who knows...?


I mainly post about Doctor Who, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games but you can find here also something about Titanic. Sometimes art and stuffs like that.

I hope you enjoy your visit on my blog. :)


reading Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

watching movies a lot of movies. :p

waiting for Doctor Who Series 8 and Mockingjay Part 1


Yeah... I want add music player but I don't know how...

I'll try to do it later.


Doctor Who Amy x Rory, Eleven x River, Ten x Rose
Harry Potter James x Lily, Hermione x Ron, Remus x Tonks
The Hunger Games Peeta x Katniss, Finnick x Annie
BROTPS Doctor Who Amy x Eleven, Rory x Eleven, Donna x Ten, River x Amy, River x Rory, Eleven x Clara
Harry Potter Hermione x Harry, Ron x Harry, The Marauders
The Hunger Games Finnick x Katniss


“It's all shopping lists and electricity bills and biscuits and…I love it. And I love you. And I love the privilege of when we're together.”

This isn't free spoilers blog but I tag every spoiler so you can blacklist it. :O


“I love it. And I love you. And I love the privilege of when we're together.”

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"Behold, the belly of the beast."

"It’s you they can’t give up Doctor… just bring them back safe."

So that was the year of the slow invasion.When the Earth got cubed and the Doctor came to stay.It was also when we realized something the Shakri never understood.What cubed actually means. The Power of Three.

In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.

— J.K.Rowling. (via mysharona1987)

Matt Smith at a panel at Fan Expo Canada.

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